Athenaeum Pro Quick Manual 2013-2017
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Recent Changes

A quick list of recent changes with Athenaeum Pro (in no particular order and not necessarily comprehensive):

Athenaeum Pro 2017

You may also find specific changes for 2017 here:

Athenaeum Pro 2017

Athenaeum Pro 2016.5

  • Allow searching for words sans selected punctuation. For example, you can search for “Boy’s Own” by typing “boys own”
    • e.g. searching for boys will find boys
    • searching and omitting embedded punctuation e.g. searching for “boys” will find “boy’s”
  • on small detail screen, removed itemtype list. Created content type list
  • When clicking a search suggestion in the “hot topics” or “reading lists” on the search screen AND custom 1 label is “Keywords”, Athenaeum will also search custom 1 (notionally “keywords”) for the term as well as subjects
  • Allowed editing of archive reason in catalogue archive detail screen
  • additional tooltips on issue detail screen
  • new button on Filter menu: Overdue not staff. Finds all issues that are overdue and then omits overdue issues to borrowers whose type is “Staff”
    • useful for many school libraries
    • useful for many school libraries - listing overdues and omitting staff
  • Borrower list: List overdues for found set of borrowers option in Command buttons
    • list overdues for only the found set of borrowers
    • list overdues for only the found set of borrowers
  • Added option to choose email 1 or 2 when sending emails to borrower rooms. Also, if the selected email is empty, Athenaeum will automatically attempt to use the other email address. The room list now also shows email address 2 of the assigned borrower.
  • Added TLS option to connection encryption method for sending SMTP email (for exchange servers)
  • fixed a bug in [[fees]] token in correspondence. Was inserting the replace charge, rather than the outstanding fees amount.
  • Export and import all data option in un-passworded filemaker format (accessed from admin->utility->Import/Export)
  • added “year” and “room” tokens to reserve quick letter in preferences. Creating reserve letters from returns will use these.
  • Subject clickable links on client screens now show the first 40 characters rather than the first 27 characters of the subject entry.
  • Corrected a cosmetic bug in reserve notification message when returning a reserved item.
  • Gear widget on circulation lists bring return/extend/lost/add fee commands directly to list view (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)
    • issue management functions added to circulation list view widget
    • issue management functions added to circulation list view widget
  • Gear widget on Borrower list views shows more detail about borrower, including current issues without leaving list view (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)
    • selected detail on gear widget in borrower list view
    • selected detail on gear widget in borrower list view
  • Gear widget on Catalogue list shows more detail about the item without leaving list view (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)
    • quick view on selected detail in list view
    • quick view on selected detail in list view
  • Gear widget on Catalogue list for items that are issued gives direct access to circulation functions as well as direct access to reserves - including reserve management (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)
    • widget on items due
    • widget on items “due”
  • New “quick” detail views for catalog and borrower. Minimal fields and larger font. Corresponding setting in Admin to default to these views. Intended for light users of ath.
    • admin setting to default to quick views (or not)
    • simplified catalogue quick view
    • borrower quick view
  • removed reference to SchoolsCat in MARC module
  • Graphics can be linked to Genre instead of Type, if desired. Should you have linked a graphic to both, then genre “wins”.
    • linking graphic to Genre
    • linking graphic to Genre

Athenaeum Pro 2016

Changes to Search Screen

If you are using FileMaker Pro 14 or higher, you are presented with a re-worked “OPAC” search screen.

If you are using FileMaker Pro 12 or 13, you are presented with the old screens.

Constraining searches

It is now more obvious that you can constrain your search terms quickly to specific catalogue fields.

Constraining search terms to specified fields
Constraining search terms to specified fields

These options have always been there, but were less obvious. Entering a search term and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard (or clicking All) will search the catalogue for the search term in a range of fields. The other options will constrain the search term to just the specified field.


If you are using FileMaker Pro 14 or higher, you are presented with a re-worked “OPAC” configuration screen.

If you are using FileMaker Pro 12 or 13, you are presented with the old screens.

new OPAC configuration options
new OPAC configuration options

There are new configuration option in Admin->Customisation->Search/OPAC

Include Recent Button

Checking this will include a find Recent button at the top right of the search screen.

recent button
recent button

When clicking this button, Athenaeum will perform the following tasks:

  • look for items added (purchased) to the catalogue in the last 30 days and list them.

  • if there are fewer than 10 items returned, then the process is repeated for items added to the last 60 days

  • if that fails to return more than 10 items, then Athenaeum searches for items added in the last 90 days

  • finally, if that fails to return more than 10 items, then Athenaeum searches for items added in the last 180 days

If you have not recently added items to the catalogue, then we recommended that you do not show this button.

Topical/Top Issues/Reading Lists

Selecting any of these three buttons will cause the corresponding lists to be displayed on the search screen.

Note that selecting any of these three will turn off the web page option.

Show Web page

Selecting this option will cause the web page specified in the field to the right to be displayed.

note: selecting this option will turn off the Topical, Top Issues and reading list options.

About the URL

The behaviour of web address has been modified to allow a URL or raw HTML.

  • enter a URL without the surrounding quote marks (this is a change from the previous versions of Athenaeum)

  • you may enter raw HTML, which allows quite a lot of flexibility. An upcoming YouTube Athenaeum Channel video will show some of the options which might give you some ideas.

Suggestion Lists

You can now specify lists for your search suggestions. That is, for each search suggestion, you can specify which list it belongs to.

specifying lists for search suggestions
specifying lists for search suggestions

If you have specified lists for your search terms, then a menu of lists will be displayed above the suggestion list on the search screen (if you have this option selected):

choosing a list on the search screen
choosing a list on the search screen

Selecting an option will list only the suggestions matching that list. A “match” is any item in the catalogue with the clicked term in the subjects field.

Cataloguing: Bulk Add Subjects

It is now quicker and easiear to add any subject to any arbitrary found set of items in the catalogue.

add subject button
add subject button

First find the items you wish to add the subject to and click the button on catalogue utility->Utility tab.

add subject dialog
add subject dialog

Either enter the subject term(s) and click the Add button or click the “Choose Authority” button to select from your list of authority terms.

note: you can use authority lists whether or not you have the "strict" authority option selected in your admin options.

Catalogue: Output to HTML

Under the Print menu is a new option “HTML”.

This will output an HTML table of the found set of catalogue items. The table includes the title, author, dewey, call, publish year, location and graphic (if any).

Statistics: Daily “Out”

The Quick Stats tab now includes a button to show an indicative chart of the number of items that are in circulation for each day in approximately the last year.

Daily out or in circulation button
Daily “out” or “in circulation” button

This button does two things. Firstly, it produces a chart showing the patterns of the total number of items that are issued at the end of each day in the period:

Daily issues chart
Daily issues chart

Secondly, the raw data from which the chart is drawn is copied to your computer’s clipboard. You can then paste that into a spreadsheet, for example, to create different charts.

Updating the raw data

Athenaeum needs to run through each day for the last year to draw that chart. If you haven’t run this before, you should first manually load the data using the button in Admin->Utility->maintenance:

Update Issue Counts
Update Issue Counts

Updating raw data on server

If you are running FileMaker Server, then you can schedule a script every evening (note: before midnight) that will ensure the counts are up to date for the last year. The name of this script is:

Athenaeum Server - Update Dashboard Counts per day

IDMA plug-in updated

Athenaeum uses the IDMA plug-in to perform a variety of tasks. This version of Athenaeum updates the plug-in to version 2.6.4 and adds the 64 bit version for Windows.

Dates and recesses

When importing dates and recesses or starting Athenaeum as an administrator, any recesses or public holidays that are before the current date are removed.

Import eTap

The borrower utilities now include the Import eTab button for updating borrowers exported from the eTap student management system.

Bulk stock take Log

when clicking the bulk stock take button, the action is logged recording which logged in user clicked the button as well as how many items were included in the bulk stock take.

Correspondence Additional Fields

You can now include the location, dewey and call number of issued and overdue items to correspondence.

Athenaeum Pro 2015 Changes

Library of Congress

New QuickMARC option for checking the Library of Congress (LoC). If your normal source of bibliographic information turns up no results, then try the Library of Congress.

Library of Congress Option
Library of Congress Option

Fee Account Code

Rework of specifying Fee Account Code for fees.

If an item has its own account code, then the default fee account code is overriden by the item’s account code.

KAMAR users note: when specifying fee account codes, only valid codes accepted by KAMAR will be from 0 to 50 inclusive. KAMAR modifies that code by adding it to 1201502. So a code of 0 (the default if you don't specify one) will become 1201502; a code of 1 (or 01) will become 1201503; 2 becomes 1201504; etc. Note that KAMAR must also be configured to map your codes to the General Ledger.

Images for Types

It is now easy to add an image or icon representing the “type” of item. These are visible in List views at the left side of the screen:

images for item types
images for item types

Inserting an image is a similar process to adding a location image.

First, find the “type” for which you wish to associate an image. Then, right click the image container to the right of the title and choose “Insert Picture” and select your picture.

inserting an image for a type
inserting an image for a type

Now, that image will be associated for every item with that type and will automatically show in various catalogue lists.

There are plenty of royalty free icons that can be downloaded in numerous formats, colours and sizes from the internet. The images in the above screen shots come from Flat Icons.

List Printing with Cover Image

Added an option for printing the catalogue list with the shift key down to include the cover image (if there is one) and the “type” image, if there is one.

option for printing the catalogue list with images
option for printing the catalogue list with images

Genre List Customisation

Athenaeum Pro 2014 introduced the explicitly named genre field with its list of default values.

entry of an items genre
entry of an item’s genre

A number of requests were received to expand on this list, so now the genre list is a table of data that can be expanded and edited directly.

editable list of genres
editable list of genres

You can access the genre list amongst the “audit” layouts.


Added location, dewey, call number to issued items and overdue items as options for correspondence tokens.

64 bit plug-in

For users moving to 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10 AND installing the 64 bit version of FileMaker Pro 14 for Windows, you must now install the 64 bit version of Windows IDMA plug-in. Updated “install” plug-in step to handle FileMaker 14 + Windows 64bit.

(The Mac version of Athenaeum & plug-in have been 64 bit for quite a few years)

Red screen Updated

Per a user group request earlier this year, the issue red screen (displayed when an issue is not authorised) shows extra information about the issue, such as dewey, call and replacement info plus extra tool-tips.

Finer control of Archive and Catalogue record deletion

Restriction and finer control of deletion of archive records, along with more detailed logging.

Normally, you do not delete archive records because the historical information is considered in some reports. However, you do wish to remove incorrectly catalogued items (e.g. accidental duplicate entries). Such actions are recorded in detail in the log and can be referenced, if need be, at a later date.

Additional default MARC tags

Additional default MARC tags available as an option (for RDA). As tags 336, 337 and 338 start being used by your MARC suppliers, they will automatically be handled by Athenaeum and added to their respective default fields in the catalogue.

You can, of course, customise the destination fields for the data.

Old Style Check boxes are back

Restored the old style check box rather than “flags” (however, using “tick” mark) to simplify bulk replace option.

check boxes are back (but with a tick instead of a cross
check boxes are back (but with a “tick” instead of a cross

Our power users really missed these.

Web template updates

See the web templates page

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