February 2016

Here are some quick Athenaeum notes and answers to common questions at this time of year. feb-2016-qr

Busiest time of year

As you might imagine, with many libraries coming back on board, this is our busiest time of year. Please do leave phone messages or, better still, e-mail
[email protected] with your queries.

Date Warning

Are you getting a warning when you start Athenaeum Pro that you it is past the "Latest Due Date"? Have you issued an item and it was due last year? 

Don't forget to go to admin, click the dates tab and set the latest date. (The "latest date" in Athenaeum is pretty much what it sounds like...the latest date that an item can be due.) You probably want to set the latest date to near the end of year, just before your next stock take.


Closing your Stock Take

Remember that you don't have to do this. Just generate your reports and you are done. You can also export all of your catalogue, with financials for your accountant.

eTap import

For schools using eTap, don't forget that there is an option to export the data in a format that is easily imported into Athenaeum. eTap expects that you will be using the student's unique school number as the student's bar code - which is the standard way.

KAMAR not Synchronising

We have already heard from a couple of KAMAR schools that Athenaeum is not receiving updated and new students from KAMAR. Invariably, this has been because the synchronisation schedules have not been reset on the KAMAR server after upgrades over the christmas holidays. This only takes a minute or two to re-enable.

Athenaeum Notes web pages down

The mail and web servers for Athenaeum (support, notes, main pages, etc) were moved to a new host in December. Unfortunately, the Athenaeum Notes web pages are not back up yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.

N4L Web Filters

Now that all schools in New Zealand have access to N4L (network for learning), it is possible that the N4L "web filters" might interfere with Athenaeum communicating to the various servers that it needs. It is a simple process to unblock those servers.

The main sites frequently used by libraries are listed in the Athenaeum documentation under the heading "network set-up".


Support Agreements expired?

Please remember that expired support agreements are easily re-established. Contact us if you are unsure.

Do you have a new roll of bar codes?

Do the numbers on your new roll of bar codes not follow on from the old one? That doesn't matter - as long as you are not re-using bar codes. Or are you letting Athenaeum assign the bar code numbers? 

If you want to reset the bar code numbering sequence, then in Athenaeum Pro, go Catalogue->Utility and then click the Utility tab and click Renumber bar codes. 

In Athenaeum Light, go Catalogue->Command->Next BC. 

Bar codes can contain numbers, letters, -, /, ., [, ].

Book Covers Dead?




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