Josephine Paine, Birkenhead College

I would like to say thank you to you and Desiree for your help and support. I am very pleased that we changed to Athenaeum. I have found it to be a far more user friendly program and your help has been invaluable.

Pip Black, Timaru Girls High School

This stuff is the shiz! Loving the new version, it makes complete sense with such style! Obviously librarians had a hand in this.

Thanks guys for bringing me my happy place.


Neccia Stevenson, Hamilton Christian School

Okay, I just did my first ‘add an item through SCIS’ – that was scarily too easy!

One click?

A big difference from how I was operating on XXX!

Bev Gregan, Geraldine High School

"I really like SCIS this way, it's so much better" (referring to QuickMARC).

Pat Belhouse, Palmerston North Girls' High School

via e-mail:

"my Executive Officer is very impressed with the report that Athenaeum prints for year end (give yourselves a pat on the back!)"

Pat (now retired)

Hilary Bishop, Waitaki Boys' High School

"You guys are great!"

…and you can quote me on that!

Amanda Fitzpatrick, Hauraki Plains College


Begin forwarded message:

From: Amanda Fitzpatrick
Subject: RE: training
Date: 11 September 2012 12:18:13 PM NZST
To: 'Desiree de Kleynen'

Did I tell you I LOVE IT!!! Such an awesome system and I only know a tiny wee bit yet :)

Lynda Sisson, Wanganui City College

I've just used the updated facility for importing marc records from SCIS within Athenaeum for the first time - Wow - it's super-easy, a one step process including the image import - Its great!

Joan Bain, Kingsway School

Just wanted you to know, stocktake is incredibly easy in Athenaeum.

I always appreciate it at this time of the year, especially when I think back to the pre-automated days of long, long, lists and manually counting over 10,000 books, taking up weeks of time.

Jana Seidel, GAIS

By the way, Athenaeum works absolutely incredible, my assistant without any prior experience could use it in a snap.

Penny Irvine, Hukanui School

My Athenaeum update is fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone.
The updates you do are great...
Also the support and training is great.

Kate McLachlan, Catlins Area School

This is one of the better library programmes I have used in 28 years. It is very easy to go from one window to another... it definitely is librarian-focused.

Ryan Gounder, Longburn Adventist College

Dear Rob
Thank you very much for your service.  Within a few minutes of lodging a request for support via email, I got a phone call and remote logging into our server and problem resolved.
This is the best service I have received in my IT career.
Thanks again for your service.
Kind regards

Calvin Govender, Centennial Christian School, Seoul, South Korea

"After two years of searching for easy to use, affordable library software, I am pleased to announce that I have recently become a client of Sumware Consulting and have purchased the Athenaeum Pro 8 software to manage my school library. It is by far the most fun I have had working with library software and I am thoroughly enjoying this user-friendly software. With little effort I was able to set up and run Athenaeum Pro 8 within just days of purchasing it. So far since the purchase, I can safely say that the product is great and the after service is awesome."

Lynda Prior, Opaheke School

We just installed Athenaeum Pro 8 - very impressive and we love the new look. The book images are awesome and so easy. I'm very happy with the support we have had, too!

Robin Achmad, Library Manager, Green Bay High School (via e-mail)

We have been using Athenaeum at Green Bay High School library for the past two and a half years and are more than happy with the catalogue system. I have found the system to be excellent, easy to use and very reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other library staff.
The previous catalogue systems that I have used have not had the functionality or ease of use that I find with Athenaeum. Back up support is only an e-mail or phone call away and the reply is always prompt and efficient. No annual fees are charged which means more money available to spend on other library operations.
Two years ago I purchased a Blue-Tooth scanner to use for the annual stock take and found that it worked well with Athenaeum. The entire stock take procedure and report to the school auditors is so much easier using Athenaeum.

Joanna Baynes, Librarian, King's School, Remuera, Auckland (via e-mail)

We have had Athenaeum for about ten years now. We find that Athenaeum is very versatile particularly in its search functions. The boys like the fact that they need only type a part of a word from author, title, subject, series or notes for the computer to search all those fields - no need to know how to spell the exact word or phrase. Once a set has been found then the results can be manipulated allowing them to quickly find the specific item required. There is also the ability to use the detailed search if necessary though I find that his is seldom used.
I find it easy to sort the boys into various borrower categories and thus to set specific limits on borrowing privileges dependent on year group and sometimes even on their ability (or lack thereof) to manage their own loans! It makes it a 'no-brainer' when a multitude of helpers do issues and returns. Reserving books is a function that is used heavily. The boys appreciate having books kept aside for them, and know that even if a large number of boys reserve a particular item their turn will eventually come.
I have found that Athenaeum has been a sound financial investment, being very competitively priced and with excellent, very prompt support, though to be honest we need it very seldom. We are very satisfied Athenaeum users.

Carl W Feucht, Librarian, Indianhead International School, South Korea

(extracts from an unsolicited e-mail Carl copied to us with permission to reproduce here)
Athenaeum Pro won me over this year!
I've just spent the past year administering a 15,000 item collection using this automation system, a system which I'd never even heard of before I began my job, and I can honestly say, I am more than impressed by what this system is capable of doing. So much so in fact, that It truly seems every bit as capable and feature rich as the Sirsi Dynix catalog which I had grown familiar with during a stint at the US Marine Corps libraries in Hawai'i a few years ago. The only feature which it lacks is a serials module.
..Value such as this is rare, I think, and it continually impresses me how feature rich the package is at that price. Circulations stats, reserves, holds, stock take, acquisition costs by year, reports on depreciation, you name it it does it. During the course of this year I've probably emailed the developer a half-dozen inquiries and quickly gotten answers back, too.
I earned my MLISc in 2004, at the University of Hawai'i, where one of my most enjoyable classes was library automation. Our professor set an ambitions agenda that had us surveying the entire landscape of automation systems and comparing them feature for feature. We even wrote model RFPs to prepare for our future careers. I came out of that class sure that there were but a few dominant players and expecting fewer as the years went by.
What I did not expect was to run across a system of such modest cost that would so ably compete with the goliaths. But let me assure you all, Athenaeum Pro does just that.
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