Athenaeum Library Software

(Ath-en-ay-um) n.
  • a library or reading room [L, from Gk Athenaion]
  • cool library software for schools since 1996
that is how we pronounce it, not the classical way!

New Zealand based library software for schools, departments and businesses with powerful catalogue management capabilities with options for Windows and Mac PCs, iPads, iPhones, web options and interfaces for other environments.

SumWare Consulting have 2 library management packages: Athenaeum Light and Athenaeum Pro.

Each have different capabilities and are aimed at quite different target markets. Both allow you to manage school catalogues, borrowers and circulation.

Athenaeum Pro

Strong configuration options, security, web integration, reporting and includes customisable MARC import. The most flexible version we have. The current version is Athenaeum Pro 2016.5.

Pretty quick to get going and do most of the basics, Athenaeum Pro has a lot of depth for when you are ready.

Configurations available for single or multiple computers; client/server; web access and iOS devices.

Very small libraries can get special rebates making this affordable for them, too!

Athenaeum Light 2016

A simplified interface, Athenaeum Light provides the basics for what you need to get going with your catalogue.


Economical support options are detailed on the support page.

YouTube Channel

Usually short, often silent, screen casts showing how many things are done in Athenaeum. These are a great way to get a quick picture of how things work.

Athenaeum Notes

Provide answers to often asked questions about Athenaeum, including how to achieve certain tasks, differences between the different versions of Athenaeum and some resources for your technical staff for managing servers. They can be of a technical nature, and often contain useful tips that can be applied in many areas of Athenaeum Pro and Athenaeum Light.

The archive contains plenty of information about older versions of Athenaeum, with some concepts that are still applicable.

Athenaeum Newsletters

Are emailed to the installed base of Athenaeum users (all versions). Here are the last few newsletters.
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