(Ath-en-ay-um - how we pronounce it)
- A library or reading room [L, from Greek Athenaion]
- Cool library software for schools, est. 1996

Athenaeum was overhauled in 2018:

  • A new engine
  • new on-premise or cloud-hosted options
  • new update options
  • new website and
  • a new blog.

Thanks to covid (and possibly one of the few good things to come from covid), over 260 resource and training videos are accessible in the app. These range from short, silent 1 minute "how to do this task" style videos that you can quickly review between issues or cataloging to longer form 20 minute videos with detailed explanations. We have had some great feedback on these and we continue to produce more.

Despite the rewrite and dropping the 'Pro' from the name, we have maintained the popular, familiar look developed over the past 25 years.

Some other notable features:
  • Cloud hosted options
  • Self-host on a private server**
  • More web options
  • Improved data storage model
  • New SCIS options
  • Integration options with KAMAR and eTap

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