(Ath-en-ay-um) n. - a library or reading room [L, from Gk Athenaion] - cool library software for schools since 1996 that is how we pronounce it, not the classical way!


2018: New engine, new installation options.


Athenaeum, the venerable library management package has had a ground up rewrite. Starting with a "clean slate", we optimised Athenaeum internally allowing future growth and new hosting options while maintaining the popular familiar look we have developed over the last 21 years.


  • Athenaeum hosted cloud option
  • Self host with your own private cloud†
  • FileMaker Cloud option
  • FileMaker WebDirect™ administration (coming soon)
  • New SCIS options


Watch this space for more information.


† with options to bring your own FileMaker 16 platform

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