(Ath-en-ay-um - how we pronounce it)
- A library or reading room [L, from Greek Athenaion]
- Cool library software for schools, est. 1996

Athenaeum was overhauled in 2018: A new engine, new installation options, new update options, new website and a new blog. Over 100 resource and training videos are accessible in the app. We dropped the 'Pro' from the name. It recieved a ground-up rewrite with a focus on optimisation, built on a clean slate. Athenaeum has now been optimised internally allowing for future growth and new cloud hosting options, while still maintaining the popular, familiar look we have developed over the past 25 years.

Some notable new features:
  • Cloud hosted options
  • Self-host on a private server**
  • FileMaker WebDirect administration (in development)
  • Improved data storage model
  • New SCIS options
  • More and better support options built directly into Athenaeum

It's different, yet familiar. Current Athenaeum users can upgrade to it immediately.

Preview the documentation online or download it as a PDF

**with options to bring your own FileMaker 16, 17, 18 or 19 platform

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