(Ath-en-ay-um - that is how we pronounce it)) n.

  • a library or reading room [L, from Gk Athenaion]
  • cool library software for schools since 1996

    The new version was introduced in 2018: New engine, new installation options, new update options, new web site and blog.


    Athenaeum, the venerable library management package has had a ground up rewrite. Starting with a "clean slate", we optimised Athenaeum internally allowing future growth and new hosting options while maintaining the popular familiar look we have developed over the last 23 years.


    • Athenaeum hosted cloud option
    • Self host with your own private server†
    • FileMaker Cloud option
    • FileMaker WebDirect™ administration (coming soon)
    • New Data Storage model
    • New SCIS options

    It's different, yet familiar. We have made it so current users can use it immediately.


    Preview the documentation on the web or download that documentation as pdf.


    Athenaeum (we have dropped the "Pro" but if you want, you can refer to it as version 26) is steadily being rolled out this year.


    † with options to bring your own FileMaker 16, 17, 18 or 19 platform

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