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Welcome to Athenaeum

Athenaeum has been designed with librarians from around the world to be easy to start using and - when you are ready - have more features and configurability to do the things you are likely to want to do. It is focussed predominantly for schools though is used by community and private libraries around the world.

First introduced in 1996 and has been in continual development - driven largely by the user base.

For 2018, Athenaeum has been completely rewritten as a single file solution1 using modern FileMaker techniques with a view to creating a "lighter" solution, optimising performance over wide area networks, for FileMaker Cloud and access from mobile devices.

Other resources

  1. the separate bar code file and other utilities can be deployed when necessary 

  2. Microsoft long retired Internet Explorer, please don't use it - Microsoft Edge is their modern replacement 

  3. you can configure this key to show the list of titles or the list of copies in admin 

  4. you can configure this key to show borrower types instead in admin, if you wish 

  5. the formulae are stored in Admin->Customisation->Calculations 

  6. The borrower privilege does not define the item as “fiction”, “non-fiction”, etc. Rather it makes the statement: “when issuing this item, Athenaeum will count it as the specified type and compare it to the number of that type that the borrower is allowed” 

  7. Just for fun, you can embed the web search on the desktop client search screen! 

  8. you may use the built-in letters, or customise those letters, or define your own letters 

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